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Order Decision Process

Order decision process, in which you declare your commitments regarding service and product delivery to customers, forms the basis of customer satisfaction. As long as this process works smoothly, it is possible to increase the loyalty and trust of customers and increase revenue by gaining new ones rapidly.
Promise what you can deliver, Deliver what you have promised

Order Decision Process

Measurable Benefits

up to

Reduction in
Customer Response Time

up to

Net Profit

up to

OTIF Delivery Performance

Improve OTIF Performance

Prioritize your orders, customers and products at aggregate levels according to your needs and capabilities.

Assign and manage orders’ due dates according to your prioritization and avoid losses that will have big impact on your company’s revenue and image.

Improve OTIF Performance Handle Disruptions
Seize Opportunities Handle Disruptions

Seize Opportunities

Explore new sales opportunities and increase your revenue without jeopardizing current promises.

Monitor your capacity and supply usage and discover your availabilities to deliver your orders early.

Analyze your projected total revenue.

Handle Disruptions

Integrate real life supply and capacity disruptions into your decisions in real time.

Be proactive by foreseeing possible changes and avoid unexpected setbacks within your operations.

Handle Disruptions Handle Disruptions
Handle Disruptions Gain Visibility Over Your Orders

Gain Visibility Over Your Orders

Make the risks of your promised due dates visible and analyze the impact on customers.

Decide your company strategy considering your risk appetite and enhance collaboration within your departments by embarking on.

Customer Cases

15% Increase in Profit

The challenge:

An automotive spare parts producing company was having a hard time reacting instantly in the market to their rush orders.

The outcome:

The company was able to increase its profit 15% by making right decisions and not losing orders thanks to rehearsing possible scenarios beforehand.

92% OTIF Delivery Performance

The challenge:

A cosmetics company was having difficulty in responding to rush orders, resulting in order loss.

The outcome:

ICRON CCP’s constant consideration of resource restrictions made it possible to reduce the amount of lost orders and increased OTIF delivery performance level up to 92%.

40% Reduction in Response Time

The challenge:

A company in plastics sector had very unpredictable entry timings and was troubling answering requests.

The outcome:

They became able to respond fast and accurately to their customers. They reduced their response time 40% by generating feasible due dates and gained 12% extra profit by making decisions according to simulated scenarios generated by ICRON CCP.

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