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Capacity Decision Process

Utilizing your capacity to the fullest allows you to accept more orders, hence revenue increase. To optimize your capacity decision process, you must determine your long-term production requirements over a planning horizon based on current production environment status.

Capacity Decision Process

Measurable Benefits

up to

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Improvement

up to

Reduction in
Operational Costs

up to

Reduction in

Gain Visibility Over Your Goods

Gain visibility of short-, mid- and long-term material, semi-finished and finished goods.

Instantly see the order and forecast shortages and tardiness with respect to production decisions

Improve OTIF Performance Improve OTIF Performance
Seize Opportunities Seize Opportunities

Optimize Long-Term Production Plans

Manage long-term production decisions with all BOM and route alternatives and resource, material constraints.

Prioritize your objectives and make optimized plans accordingly.

Manage your capacity with shift and overtime decisions.

Increase Utilization

Gain visibility over your capacity utilization and availabilities.

Balance utilization and prevent overloading.

Manage your resource capacity with short-term shifts.

Handle Disruptions Handle Disruptions
Handle Disruptions Handle Disruptions

Increase Revenue

Observe production opportunities to turn into extra sales.

Be aware of your availabilities and increase utilization by accepting new orders.

Analyze and minimize long-term production costs by optimized plans.

Customer Cases

10% Improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

The challenge:

A company producing electronic appliances was frequently facing disruptions in their production flow. Because of the disruptions, they often had backorders, resulting in worsened customer experience.

The outcome:

After ICRON CCP, the company improved its overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) 10% by making feasible plans according to the due dates generated by ICRON CCP.

20% Reduction in Backorders

The challenge:

A company producing plastic pipelines was always accepting orders more than their regular capacity to overcome order cancellation and resulting in backorders.

The outcome:

Their backorders decreased 20% with ICRON CCP. They became able to allocate their inventory and capacity, by prioritizing backorders

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