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Frequently Asked Questions

What does customer centric planning mean?

Customer-centric supply chains focus on the experiences of their customers in all supply chain operations to meet their demands. In a customer centric approach, all decisions are made by taking the impact on customers into consideration. The main focus of customer centric supply chain planning is to keep customer satisfaction high while staying profitable. For detailed information you can read our Customer Centric Supply Chain: What is it, Why is it Important? blog.

What is the difference between classical planning and customer centric planning?

In traditional supply chains, customer is the endpoint and the impact of decisions on customers is often overlooked throughout operational activities. However, customer centric planning focuses on customer experience in all supply chain operations and this customer centric approach is influential in every step. Customer centric supply chain planning gathers all operational processes around customer-oriented goals and ensures that each decision in every process is made by taking the impact on customers into account.

How long does it take to go live with ICRON CCP?

Our team will be your partner through a detailed onboarding so that you can fully understand the system and use it in the future without any problems. The onboarding process can be variable according to many parameters but the estimated time is 2-3 weeks based on data maturity. The first step of onboarding is to provide ready-to-use data. Once you have data, you can start using ICRON CCP from day one simultaneously with user trainings.

I don’t use ERP software and keep my data in Excel. Can I still use ICRON CCP?

Yes, you can use the data you keep in Excel in that format. It should not be forgotten that supply chain planning process works with transactional data, which is difficult to keep up to date in Excel. However, if you keep your data current and clean, ICRON CCP can work with Excel files without any problem. You can also integrate ICRON CCP with your existing ERP system.

Can I use any decision process I want or is it easier to use ICRON CCP as a whole?

Yes, you can use any decision process you want whenever you want. You can benefit from any decision process by integrating it with your systems. However, ICRON CCP is an all-in-one supply chain planning solution that has the capacity to cover all your processes single-handedly. Benefiting only one decision process would require 3rd party integrations. As you can do this integration process yourself, you can also get support from our team. But this might complicate the planning process since each software/application has its own language. That is why we recommend you use all ICRON CCP decision process coherently for the smoothest and most efficient supply chain planning.

How does ICRON CCP meet my company’s specific requirements?

ICRON CCP can be customized according to your company's needs through extenders. Even though ICRON CCP is a SaaS product, it is possible to go out of standard situations with customizable algorithms generated by our experienced team. You can start using the standard and depending on how much it meets your requirements, you can expand your usage.

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